Singapore is a beautiful place for holidays. This small island city is located in the south of Malaysia separated with small distance of water boundaries. Singapore is considered to be a dream place for holidays by many people. If you are planning a trip to Singapore and considering a visit to Singapore’s Parks and streets then there is something marvelous you are missing. If you’re thinking about what to do in Singapore, don’t limit your trip to Singapore boundaries. Singapore has a wide coastal area and is surrounded by Malaysia having larger coastal area in the east.

If you wish to make your holidays memorable forever, take a trip to Malaysian islands from Singapore. There are famous islands in Singapore also but if you wish to enjoy the longer trip and the incredible beauty with which Malaysian east coasts are surrounded in a sailing yacht, you must consider the trip on yacht. There are many yacht companies offering such trips. Taking care of all emigration processes, they allow safety on country boundaries both physically and legally.

Traveling on sailing yacht is a good experience but spending almost a week on board far from the city life is like enjoying heavens. Malaysia has a wide coastal area surrounded with many small islands. In Malay language, island is called Pulau hence all islands are names with Pulau like Pulau Renggis, Pulau Tulai, Pulau Sibu, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Tinggi and many more. You can go for a trip that covers major islands in a route.

Pulau Sibu is famous for clean beaches. You can enjoy moving on the clean space and enjoy sunbath in the day time on the clean sand of Sibu Island. Pulau Tioman is a famous island with a peaceful township to live a luxurious life. Here you can enjoy shopping also. The island is a good combo of township, beaches and jungles. You’ll love the place and would be very active whole day. All the islands have great facilities to enjoy water rides and sunbaths or anything you wish to do. The beauty of islands gives great relief to eyes.

You can start each day with good breakfast and start your day with delighting experience of being surrounded by clean water of sea. The sound sleep of night on sailing yacht will make you fresh to enjoy the new island with new experiences. There’s something special about each island and you can make plan about what you want to do in this tour.


Such trips are not meant for enjoying the beaches and islands only. The yacht living experience is another charm of such trips. Living a luxurious life away from the city crowd and stress feels very fulfilling. You can enjoy your favorite activity. You can enjoy fishing at the day time and if you get some, the same can be added to your lunch. You may also like to ask crew members to let you join cooking. If you love sea food; fishing and cooking on board is what you must try.

Nights on a sailing yacht are not boring limited to sleeping and eating. See the marvelous marine life under water from the deck with help of glass surfaces and underwater lights. Because of clean water, the underwater life can be seen in the night also. You can enjoy the breeze on the deck with your favorite cup of beverages and relax yourself listening to the sea waves.

On your next trip to Singapore, don’t think about what to do in Singapore and simply book your trip with the best yacht company to spend great time with your friends and families with limited number of people on board.